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Tarpaulin Event


For Everyone!

Our core service is providing tarpaulin event backdrop printing and backdrop installation in KL Malaysia. We take pride in providing affordable rates while maintaining high-quality work standards.

BackdropKL_12x8ft event backdrop_Hatten Hotel Melaka.jpeg

100% Quality &

Service Guarantee

The package comes with tarpaulin backdrop printing, plywood structure and LED arm light on top without additional cost! The backdrop comes in different sizes or you can customize it. 

Below are the standard backdrop sizes for your reference: 

8ft (L) x 8ft (H) x 2ft (W) 

10ft (L) x 8ft (H) x 2ft (W) 

12ft (L) x 8ft (H) x 2ft (W) 

or larger size

Large Format

Tarpaulin Backdrop


Not only use the backdrop as a photo wall at foyer area, but you also can have it as stage backdrop! 

L-shape backdrop_tarpaulin printing_event backdrop_kl malaysia4 copy.jpg

Event Backdrop

The L-shape event backdrop is ideal for exhibitions and launching events. It provides a defined space and creates a more intimate setting for attendees to engage with content. It's a versatile tool for creating an impactful event space.

Signing backdrop_BackdropKL Malaysia.jpg

Signing Backdrop

A well-designed signing backdrop serves as a perfect canvas for capturing beautiful memories with signatures from attendees. It not only enhances the visual aesthetics of the event but also offers a sturdy surface for people to leave their signatures with ease.

8x8ft_event backdrop_kl malaysia15.JPG

Event Backdrop

Double-sided event backdrops are great for events where there will be people walking behind the backdrop or when it is placed in the center of the event. This type of backdrop ensures that your branding and messaging is visible from all angles.

BackdropKL_20x10ft pop up backdrop_Hilton Hotel KL4_edited.jpg

Event Backdrop

A layered event backdrop adds depth and dimension to the event space, creating a visually striking backdrop that stands out from the crowd. The process of creating a layered backdrop requires meticulous attention to detail, as each layer must be carefully designed and installed to ensure a seamless and cohesive final product.

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